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The Best Food Supplements Worldwide – Lifestyles, whether you are looking to optimize your health, lose weight, or conquer the signs of aging, the Lifestyles product line has something for you. Best food supplements worldwide – Lifestyles with years of manufacturing excellence and millions of satisfied customers, you can be confident knowing you are providing the best for your body. One of the best food supplements worldwide.

What made me choose LIFESTYLES over other dietary food supplements available in the market?

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Balbin, and I am from the Philippines. I am an online business owner and freelance graphic designer. After I graduated from college in 2007, I met lots of networking businesses, but I knew it was not for me because I am not the kind of person who talks much with other people; in short, I am a shy type of guy. I’ve also been working as office staff for a private company since 2007 up until 2017. But I decided to resign from my job in January 2017 because I am not happy anymore with the employment world.

Who encourages me to jump and be a lifestyler?

I found Lifestyles Company in August 2020 because of my mother’s friend, who introduced her to taking NutriaPlus capsules at that time. Since I am also into business, I searched for the products online and found out that it is a networking business and a member of a direct selling association. So, I decided to register right away to get a 20% discount. At first, only my mom used the NutriaPlus, but later on, since I am also suffering from my own health issues like asthma, skin allergies, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and a weak immune system, I also started using it.

Honestly, I was not a fan of food supplements before because, aside from their prices in the market, I was skeptical if they would have positive effects on my body. But still, I gave it a try to drink the products Intra Liquid, FibreLife, CardioLife, and NutriaPlus regularly, and to my surprise, I felt great and it helped address all my health issues. Later on, I stopped taking synthetic medicines prescribed by a doctor because I felt healing already from taking lifestyles products regularly.



My own testimony of Best Food Supplements Worldwide Lifestyles

Since we have the most amazing products on the market, I started sharing them with my family, friends, and other people to help with their health issues. We have two sayings here: “If the product is good, the business is done!” and “If you love yourself, drink Intra; if you love your family, do the business.” So, I am inviting all of you guys to give it a try and start drinking Intra and other lifestyles products now. Remember, we have only one body that we need to take care of every time, and only Intra Liquid supports our body’s eight biological systems.


Best Food Supplements Worldwide Lifestyles



Lifestyles products have been formulated to complement Intra’s blend of 23 botanical extracts to optimize health and wellness. When taken together, the ingredients have a powerful synergistic effect, including better absorption and increased reaction in the body. It is one of the best food supplements worldwide and is trusted by millions of users.

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Lifestyles Loyalty Program

Be a LOYAL customer and get rewarded!

Lifestyles Loyalty Program LLP

As a Preferred Customer, you enjoy a discount of 10% -20%, so you will save in the future. Be a loyal customer and get rewarded. The minimum order is 150 points, and you receive free products.

We are seeking distributors worldwide to implement our sales network. Lifestyles GN already operates in 31 countries worldwide, and You can have a share in international trade.


lifestyles compensation plan Express and Instant Package

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You have 2 options on how to join and save:

A PREFERRED CUSTOMER – RECEIVE 10% – 20% DISCOUNT Buy Lifestyles Products as a Preferred Customer (Registration Fee:  $ 10)

SIGN UP AS A NEW DISTRIBUTOR – RECEIVE UP TO 30% DISCOUNT( Buy Lifestyles Product as a Distributor (Registration Fee  $ 40)

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Whether you are a first-time Customer or a long-time Distributor, the Lifestyles Regional Office is here to help you. Contact our customer service team regarding orders, shipping, and product-related queries. For general inquiries, please contact General Manager in your area.

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Makati City, Philippines 1232


Mobile No.: (63) 975.933.7588
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